Fit Fashion: Finding the Best Workout Clothes for You

  1. Fit Fashion: Finding the Best Workout Clothes for You via My Virtual Mission

There are very few things on this planet that are more satisfying than buying new workout clothes (with the obvious exception of a good-quality chocolate truffle and a beach vacation in the middle of a frigid winter.)  New fitness apparel can make you feel like a million bucks and you’ll want to show it off at your gym/yoga class/running club. It can help get you out of a funk if you’ve slipped out of your fitness routine and help give you confidence!

If new gym gear doesn’t tickle your fancy and you need to light a fire under your butt to get your fitness routine going, check this out for some inspiration.

If your heart beats a little quicker at the sight of a fresh pair of kicks or the smell of brand spankin’ new spandex, here are some hot, essential picks for this years’ hip fitness lovers:

  • Do you work all day in an office or somewhere with a uniform? Feeling stifled by your dress code? Get funky! Tons of fitness apparel companies are coming out with patterned or neon leggings. They add a bit of fun to your workout and guaranteed…you’ll catch yourself checking out your assets in the mirror! MPG Performance Gear is great Canadian company with an array of fun prints for your workout gear, like their Diffuse running tights.
  • Sass level is on high with fitness apparel trends today! Have an attitude? Say it with your shirt! Quirky sayings on t-shirts are another fun way to #KickTheExcuse and get in the gym. Nike has a ton of shirts to choose from, like this awesome “Excuses Suck” t-shirt. Where else can you wear a shirt like that?!
  • Never forget the shoes! Whether you’re long-distance running or squatting in the gym: there’s a shoe for that! Choose lightweight designs if you’re training for a marathon, (like the Asics Gel Cumulus 15) and a flat-soled shoe for squatting and deadlifts. (Funfact! Lots of professional bodybuilders and weight lifters choose the classic Converse Chuck Taylor, because of its flat sole for the even distribution of weight, which are essential for squats and deadlifts.
  • Don’t want to burn your paycheck on gym wear that you’re going to soak in sweat anyways? Check out your local thrift or secondhand store for some fun t-shirts that you can cut up and make your own! Cut the sleeves off to make a muscle shirt or challenge yourself to a more intricate design from DIY sites, like Pinterest.

What’s the latest and greatest piece of gym wear you’ve purchased? Does you get more motivated to exercise when you buy new fitness gear?

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