Missions of Love: 7 Fitness Missions for Valentines Day

  1. Missions of Love: 7 Fitness Missions for Valentine's Day

Would you walk a thousand miles for your love? Crawl on your hands and knees to see them again? How about start a fitness mission to show them how much you really care? Straight from the MVM team, here are 7 fantastic fitness missions for your Valentines Day:


Sweden isn’t just the home of ridiculously good looking people, they also have hotels made of ice. An ice hotel is just as much an art project as it is somewhere to spend a romantic night. Situated in Swedish Lapland, 200km north of the Arctic Circle, this is more than just an unusual place to stay (and love it up); it’s also an amazing spot from which to see one of the most astounding natural phenomena – the Northern Lights. Why not plan a virtual mission there today?


Italy as a whole is a rather romantic prospect. Endlessly fascinating, Venice boasts an urban landscape so rich that even the sheer number of other tourists can’t detract from its overwhelming charm.  Maybe you could virtually swim the canals to prove a romantic point?


Unless you’ve been keeping warm this winter by burning piles of money, the chances that you will get to spend any amount of time in the Seychelles, isnt looking good. With verdant rainforest stretching down to dazzling white-sand beaches and warm azure seas, it’s no surprise that the islands of the Seychelles are such an intoxicating destination. Home to a number of intimate (and often exclusive) resorts. You could always virtually run from island to island as you dream of a life less ordinary.


The road around Paris is shaped like a heart. It’s actually more like an eyeball but you could easily shape it into a heart if you really wanted. With its beautiful buildings, artifacts, culture, wine and cuisine. What could be better than panting your way around this romantic icon?


The perfect urban landscape to fall in love to. Dynamic, energetic and diverse – there’s nowhere else quite like New York City. It’s a place where every corner throws up something new, and yet familiar. Your mission could be to meet a special valentine in this bustling metropolis as you slog it out on a treadmill or exercycle.


The magnificent monument that stands at the heart of India that is considered a living example of eternal love. While you may not have 22 years and/or 22,000 workers at your disposal, you can still show your romantic resolve  by making a virtual  trek there from one of the surrounding areas over the course of a few months.


Keen to get hot and sweaty? An island of towering, cloud-topped volcanoes, vibrant green rice fields that terrace down to the ocean, a mesmerising traditional culture, and world-class beach resorts, Bali is undeniably enchanting and a romantics paradise. Exhaust yourself with a virtual  bike ride around the main island and tell your lover that you’re doing it for him/her.

What mission of love do you have planned for Valentines Day?