How to Overcome Workout Laziness

  1. How to Overcome Workout Laziness

Who wants to get up from the couch when you’re having a Dawson’s Creek marathon on Netflix? Okay, let’s say you’ve made it off the couch and now you’re at the gym looking around like a lost puppy feeling as motivated as a vegan in a butcher shop. This is called workout boredom or “laziness” (You? Lazy? But you’re at the gym!) This is more commonly known as a “plateau.”

This is the biggest obstacle for fitness goals. When you stop seeing progress in your fitness goals, you can get discouraged and then who wants to continue working out? The future is bleak and pointless, right? WRONG.

Refresh your workouts and get out of that workout laziness. It’s easier than you think! Here are a few tips to help overcome workout laziness:

Change gyms for a month

Do a trial membership at a completely different gym. Being in a new environment will keep you on your toes and refresh your workouts as you hunt for the squat rack or stationary bike. World Gym has locations all over the world for just $10 a month – and you can bring a friend for free!

Try something out of your comfort zone

If you’ve always been a deadlifting king (or queen), try a spinning class: your heart will thank you. Or if you’ve always been a solo exercise bunny, try a team sport like intramural volleyball or indoor soccer.

Enter a Virtual Fitness Challenge

Motivation and goals are best friends. Why not join one of our Virtual Fitness Challenges at The Conqueror website? Not only will it give you a goal to work towards but you can also earn real life race bling such as stunning custom event medals by, a New Zealand company who are the leading supplier of custom medals for events.

Three words: New. Workout. Clothes.

Who doesn’t love to show off their brand new baby blue kicks or neon pink spandex?!

Take a week off

Yes, you read that right. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, right? If you’ve been vigorously exercising with no rest days, your muscles will be tired and they’ll literally get bored. Give them a rest. You’ll shock them when you return to your regular exercise routine a week later! (Don’t take too long or it’ll be harder to get back into it. Only take a week off if you think you can handle it.)

Update your playlist.

If your playlist is getting stale and your energy levels are dropping during your workouts…your workouts are probably stale too! Check out new music hubs, like The Music Ninja to score some inspiration.

Kick your own booty

Light a fire under your butt. Sign up for a wild and crazy competition that you would never normally participate in, like a mud run. You have to train for a mud run or you may not make it out alive (just kidding…maybe.)

“Two is better than one”

Hire a personal trainer or a coach to help amp up your workouts. Or, for the more budget-conscious exercise-lover, seduce/convince/drag a friend to work out with you. You’ll encourage each other (hopefully) and a little friendly competition never hurt anyone (hopefully).

How do you overcome your workout laziness or “plateaus”? Are you staying true to #KickTheExcuse?