25 Awesome and Healthy New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Happy New Year fit friends! It’s hard to believe the days of partying like it’s 1999 are behind us: it’s 2014! Are you struggling with making new year’s resolutions this year? Getting bored or disgruntled by last years’ resolutions? New Years’ Resolutions don’t always have to be big, life-altering changes, like flying to Mars or getting a 90% pay raise from your boss: aim for short-term goals as well! The best resolutions are the ones that make YOU happier.

Here are 25 awesome and healthy New Year’s resolution ideas:

  1. Learn one new, healthy recipe per week. Cook it for your family or some friends.
  2. Sign up for a fitness class at your gym or local running club.
  3. Incorporate more superfoods into your diet. (Maybe you’ll become a super human!) You can find the best ones here.
  4. Practice yoga once a week. Join a local practice or check out YouTube for videos and practice at home.
  5. Try a new eating regime. Live like a paleo or vegetarian. Or simply cut out wheat and live gluten-free.
  6. Change your mindset from exercising because you hate your body to exercising because you LOVE your body.
  7. Try a juice cleanse, like the 3-Day Cleanse from Raw Juice Guru.
  8. Aim to eat one more fruit and vegetable per day than you normally do.
  9. Make a promise to think positive. Post notes around your home or on your mirrors reminding yourself how great you are. The power of positivity is hugely underrated.
  10. If you’re a couch potato, watch one hour less of TV per day. (And two hours less on the weekends.)
  11. Do one good deed per day. Open a door for someone or pick up something someone dropped. Good deeds are good for the heart.
  12. Replace richer meat with lean protein, like turkey and chicken breast. Save steak for special occasions.
  13. Laugh more. Laughter is the best medicine and gives you rock solid abs.
  14. Floss your teeth daily. It takes a minute and let’s face it: diseased gums ain’t cute.
  15. Start tracking your new exercise goals with My Virtual Mission.
  16. Make a new friend.
  17. For the foodie and/or bad chef, eat take-out or restaurant meals less often. Cut your restaurant meals in half per week.
  18. Record a food diary to see where your diet needs more balance.
  19. #KICKTHEEXCUSE. Create reasons to exercise, not excuses to avoid it.
  20. Get more sleep. Sleep is key for weight loss.
  21. Eat healthier by bringing a packed lunch to work or school or prepping meals in advance.
  22. Meditate for 10 minutes per day. Get your mind right!
  23. Make a list of short-term goals for every month.
  24. Exercise with a friend weekly.
  25. Purchase less processed and packaged foods. Buy more fresh and whole foods.

Those are 25 super easy resolutions you can make this year to make 2014 your best year yet. For some more easy resolutions, you can check out more articles like this one. Stop making excuses about why you don’t make resolutions and resolve to evolve.

What are you doing this year to make yourself healthy and awesome?