My Virtual Mission Updates and Changes

  1. My Virtual Mission Updates and Changes ::

Soooo…we’ve been beavering away over the last few months to bring you a ton of changes based on the feedback we have received from many of you.

Below is a summary of the updates and changes.

No one likes to side scroll or zoom

We’ve invested significant resources into making the site resize dependent on what size screen you are on so mobile view is now kick ass. What a mission!

Your mission page is now even better

  • Made a few layout changes and added in “From” and “To” so people know, at a glance, what you’re up to.
  • Added “how” icons which lets people know what type of exercise you are doing.
  • Added “group” or “solo” icons to identify the mission type.
  • Made the map full screen width – it just looks cool, that’s all.
  • Changed default map view to map rather than satellite view – same reason as above.

 Mega update for fundraising missions

  • Fundraising functionality is now very much in line with other crowdfunding offerings. Lots more room for descriptions, images and/or video, you can also add rewards for people who sponsor your mission, add social links to your campaigns social pages and website. Check out a sample fundraising page here.
  • We haven’t really promoted fundraising missions yet as we wanted to wait until functionality was top notch. We’re now ready to go so hit me up if you want to take it for spin and I’ll personally guide you through the set up if you want.

Group missions are awesome

  • We love seeing people on group missions! There are two types of group missions that let you either compete against others to complete the mission or combine all your distances to meet a longer mission goal.
  • Group missions now have more tabs and stats so that it’s easier to track who’s done what.
  • Here is a pretty cool group mission – father and son racing across Canada on their bikes.

Things for you to do

  1. Login and check out your new mission page
  2. Click “Mission Control” > “Edit Mission” and input a origin and destination. Save changes.
  3. Consider starting a group mission and/or adding a fundraising cause
  4. Check out the rest of our blog for fitness tips
  5. Get social with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

There are many more little upgrades and enhancements that I sincerely hope you like. As always, we are keen as a bean to hear your feedback.

Take care and enjoy the journey!