How to Lose Weight & Negative Thoughts about Fitness

  1. How to Lose Weight & Negative Thoughts about Fitness

Self-esteem, by definition: Confidence in one’s own worth, abilities and self-respect.

In other words, the way we perceive ourselves. There are varying degrees of self-confidence and self-esteem, but I’m sure you can think of one time where your self-esteem may have prohibited you from trying something new or applying for a promotion or signing up for that yoga class you’ve been thinking about joining.

Our self-esteem can be tricky when we’re relating it to our personal appearance and fitness. Take the example of the yoga class; one might be interested in trying yoga to increase their muscle strength and flexibility. But if you’ve never attended a yoga class before, it can be quite intimidating and fear and self-doubt tend to overshadow all the positives that made you interested in trying that class in the first place.Yoga is a good example, but this issue can relate to all physical fitness activities and as humans, we’re really good at coming up with excuses for not keeping up on our fitness routines. Time to #KickTheExcuse

How do we overcome our negative thoughts and find the motivation to achieve our self-improvement goals? Here are a couple of positive tips on how to lose weight and the negative thoughts about fitness:

Start at Home

  • Use Google to explore and review different Gyms and Fitness Classes you might want to try
  • Find healthy recipes or beginner “How To” guides to help you put together your own fitness development plan
  • Try a virtual fitness class within the comfort of your own home
  • Use an app like My Virtual Mission to help with creating a daily fitness routine

Try before You Buy:

  • Most gyms will let you tour or give you a free trial before signing  up, some will even include a day of personal training to ensure you’re using the machines properly
  • Visit YouTube for examples of what to expect from a fitness class or how to use a certain weight machine

Strength in Numbers

  • Add a Fitness Partner; we’ve mentioned it before in Jump Start Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution, because the benefits of having a fitness buddy are unlimited!
  • Trying something new can be intimidating, having someone you’re comfortable with makes the new environment or activity feel more familiar and enjoyable

Check out a Group Fitness Class

  • Group Classes offer a fun and upbeat environment, full of friendly motivating people with similar goals
  • Classes are instructor led, which means you’ll have professional to follow and someone who can answer your questions
  • Usually you can buy a bundle of classes, instead of paying as you go, when  you pre-pay for a bundle you’re more likely to keep your routine and go to class
  • Slightly different, but the strength in numbers idea applies here too – chances are you won’t be the only newbie in the group

According to WebMD, working out releases endorphins, proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and can improve your overall mood.[tweet this] Taking the first step is the hardest part of losing weight and any negative thoughts associated with starting a fitness journey can stop you before you even begin. But once you start, you won’t want to stop and before you know it you’ll be accomplishing your self-improvement goals.

Have another suggestion on how to overcome negative thoughts about fitness? We’d love to hear your ideas and stories, share them with us in the comment section below!