How to Create a Great Fitness Routine to Complete Your Mission


Last week, we shared 7 great tips to sticking to a regular exercise routine. Of course in order to set a routine, you need motivation. What’s more motivating than accomplishment? The only catch is that you need to stay motivated in order to accomplish your goals, right? It’s kind of a “catch 22”. But no worries, My Virtual Mission is here for You!

Choosing the Right Fitness Journey

We’re sure that you’re super excited to start your first mission.  As you’re deciding what distance to cover and where, consider starting with a shorter distance, something that you’ll be able to achieve within a month or two. Here are some things to consider when creating a mission:

1.  Be Realistic

Our lives can be sometimes be overwhelming, so we don’t need our workouts to feel that way, too. Be realistic about what you can accomplish, working around your life and schedule.

2. Set your routine

By setting a regular fitness routine, you’re less likely to give up. Set a schedule and follow your routine daily or weekly to accomplish your mission.

3. Find inspiration

My Virtual Mission provides the tools you need to understand and visualize your mission. Nothing feels better than accomplishing your goals, so choose a mission that’s inspiring and will motivate you daily. Visualize your mission location and the final destination.

There’s nothing better than feeling that rush of gratification come over you after you’ve accomplished your goal. [tweet this] And now, you’ve set a routine for yourself, too. Way to multi-task, you over-achiever, you! Keep that motivation flowing by adding more distance to your missions or even keep the same distance by striving to accomplish it even faster. Continue to customize new missions to meet your personal fitness goals and before you know it, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Mix Up Your Fitness Routine

While routines are important for keeping us from skipping our daily workout, doing the same workout routine day after day isn’t doing our body any favors. You may already know this, but our muscles need to be challenged in order to deliver the best results possible.  How does My Virtual Fitness fit into this? Consider mixing up your exercises and missions to work all the muscle areas in your body. Here are some exercises you can use to reach your My Virtual Mission goals:


Whether it be on a treadmill, around a track or along a trail, inspire yourself to go the distance


No matter if you’re touring the countryside, running errands in the city, or off-roading in the forest, cycle your way to your goal


Make a splash and get moving by swimming or water jogging laps in the pool

By mixing up your routine, you’re encouraging yourself to work different muscle groups. You’ll start seeing a difference in your strength and speed while doing your regular workout. Try to use shorter distances, but work on speed. Or use longer distances to build endurance. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. Hey, who knows, maybe a marathon or triathlon is in your future!

What are you waiting for? Start Your First Mission Now.