GET OFF THE COUCH: Group Missions for Holiday Family Fitness

  1. Family Fitness via My Virtual Mission

It’s that magical time of year. Bright colors and dazzling white lights dance through the night while shopper’s hustle and bustle to fill their bags with the latest and greatest! Children anxiously count down the days until their holiday break and excitement runs abundant as friends and family prepare to embark on their yearly traditions.

After thinking of our own holiday plans, we realized that fitness doesn’t necessarily come to mind when you think ‘Holidays’. But in reality it’s the perfect time to get the entire family active. Alright, we might be a little bias, however, we’re determined to give you 3 fun ways to get your family motivated using Group Missions. What is a Group Mission? Click here to learn more.

3 Ways to Get Off the Couch and Add Family Fitness to Your Holiday Season:

1. Create an Adventure for the Whole Family

Can’t seem to pull your kids away from their electronics? Wondering how you will ever get them interested in kid’s fitness. Why not try a mission around your neighborhood. Create a manageable distance for your family using a visually appealing map by outlining your child’s favorite character or holiday theme. Add extra motivation by making it a scavenger hunt. Create clues and surprise them with prizes throughout the mission. It’ll be so fun; it might just become a new family tradition!

2. Bring the Family Together

Sometimes it’s hard to get the family physically together for the Holidays, not to mention to the gym. Close the distance between you and your relatives by creating a mission where you meet half way. [tweet this] Walk, run, swim, cycle or mix them all! Everyone can choose the exercise that’s best for them. Plus, just think of how toned and fit everyone will be at the next family reunion.

3.Inspire a Family Fitness Routine

Trying to improve your family’s lifestyle but having a difficult time getting everyone on board? Lifestyle changes can be challenging, especially when it is a healthy fitness lifestyle. Don’t lose hope; try encouraging a little competition to get the motivation going. Split the family up into groups/teams. Create missions with similar overall distances and then compete against each other to see who finishes first.

Take it a step further by going “triathlon” style. Try to include some bodies of water and off-road paths as you map your destination. When the group or team reaches the water or off-road areas of the map, they have to change to the appropriate exercise. For example, when your map reaches an off-road area, you would then cycle until you reached the next destination on your map. Create a mission that will last you at least a month, this will help everyone get into the routine of working out and promote a healthy fitness routine.


We’re anxious to start our group missions and we hope you are too! Share your family missions with us in the comments section below!