5 Ways to Find the Ultimate Fitness Motivation

  1. 5 Ways to Find the Ultimate Fitness Motivation

What? Squatting like Tom Hardy is behind you isn’t motivation enough?! What do you mean?

Okay so we’re a little more than a third (and almost halfway!) through 2014. Have you stuck to your resolution to #KickTheExcuse? Are you seeing slow but steady results? Or are your new biceps bursting the seams of your most expensive dress shirts? Or maybe you’re struggling to keep motivated after winter kept you hibernating (or work was catastrophically busy and your kids were eternally sick.)

Never fear! A new day is here! Here are five ways to find the ultimate fitness motivation:

1. Type in Nine Magic Letters: Pinterest

This social sharing website has launched an entire realm of inspiration for weddings, recipes, fashion, crafts, and fitness. It is quite literally an endless pit of inspiration. Find new healthy, clean-eating recipes to fuel your body for its fitness needs, like these amazing (and healthy!) smoothie recipes. Discover weekly challenges to build that sculpted booty and shapely arms. Working a 9-5 job hunched over a desk is no excuse to lose motivation: kick that excuse (and look busy while doing so. Wink wink. You’re welcome.)

2. Recruit Your Fittest Friend to Work Out With You

Yeah, you really despise him (or her), because what are they still doing in the gym? They’re done! They’ve completed the task of being a fitness masterpiece. Studies show that working out with someone who is fitter than you are increases your performance based on the Kohler effect — also known as not wanting to be the weakest link. What if this was a zombie apocalypse? Don’t wait until then to wish you had gotten fit! The competitive aspect that comes with working out with a buddy can help you practice for the real thing.

3. Make Short-Term Goals

…and celebrate them when you have achieved them. Short-term goals are a lot more rewarding and keeps you more motivated over long-term goals. (Who has the patience?!) Make a goal of avoiding processed foods for a week and celebrate with your favourite chocolate bar or a scoop of your favourite ice cream. Make a goal of becoming sore after every workout in the gym for a week. Make a goal of biking to work everyday. The celebration of these short-term goals will help keep you motivated in the long run.

4. Get Crafting and Make a Motivational Board

Create a collage of your ideal physiques, inspirational mantras, role models, successful athletes: whoever inspires you and keeps you passionate about your fitness goals.

5. Remember: There Are Always People Looking Up to You

If you have kids, they’re probably looking up to you when you choose to bicycle to the grocery store instead of order Chinese take-out for dinner. When you begin to see results in the gym (both physical and mental), your friends will likely notice too and want to get in on some of that I-love-life attitude that you have now. Someone in the gym may be watching you struggle and push through the toughness and keep them motivated to do the same. If that’s not motivation, then what is?

What are your true-blue sources of fitness motivation? What has kept you on your  Mission?