5 Unusual Ways to Get Fit in 2014

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You’ve made yourself a commitment to get fit in 2014. So, you started to deck out your closet with latest fitness duds, picked up some new sneaker’s with a five star rating and even signed up for a gym membership. One, two weeks go by and you realize you’ve only hit up the gym once.

Something is holding you back & killing your motivation…

Could your horrid gym class memories from high school be coming back to haunt you, killing your motivation? Check out this past post, This isn’t your high school gym class: Exercise can be fun, for great ideas on how to make fitness more enjoyable.


Maybe, you’re just not a gym person. Say What? For some, spending 30 minutes on a treadmill can get old, fast and that’s okay. There are plenty of ways to work those muscles, burn those calories and get fit while having fun.

Here are 5 Unusual Ways to get fit and help you #KickTheExcuse:

1. Ice Skating  or Rollerblading

With skating, you’ll be working small, stabilizing muscle groups without even knowing it. And once you get going, it’s easy to get addicted. Skating for an hour can burn anywhere from 345 to 900 calories! Grab your favorite playlist, pop in your ear buds and you’ll be in the zone before you know it.

2. Rock Climbing

Like swimming and biking, Rock Climbing is also categorized as a cardiovascular activity, and a great way to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Most cities and towns have indoor rock climbing facilitates where you can learn the ins and outs of this adventurous activity!

3. Salsa or Ballroom Dancing

Dancing uses muscles all over your body, but did you know it also works muscles in your brain!? According to WebMD, dancing is the only physical activity tied to lowering the risk of dementia. Talk about a Total Body Workout!

4. Hula Hooping

You probably remember hula hooping around your backyard as a kid, right? Well, break out your old hoop because this activity is ready for a comeback. Besides helping you get a tighter and toner mid-section, you’ll be working 30 additional muscles in your body. The motion of hula hooping also improves your spine’s flexibility and helps prevent back injuries.

5. Paddle Boarding

Unless you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere warm like Florida, this exercise is a little seasonal but still totally worth mentioning.  Paddle boarding is another total body, cardiovascular workout that improves your balance, works multiple muscles and burns a good amount of calories. The difference? It’s also a low impact exercise, meaning you’re less likely to damage tendons and ligaments in your joints according to ISUPWorld.com. Extra Bonus: You have a great excuse to spend the entire day out on the water; just don’t forget your sun block!

Since you won’t be using a typical machine at the gym, it’s important to keep track of your activity by using an app like, My Virtual Mission. You can track distance with most of these activities, so using My Virtual Mission, as a visual for your progress will help you stay motivated on your fit journey. Are you ready to #KickTheExcuse?

Get Pumped for Your Fitness Journey and Start Your Mission Now!