5 Things You’re Missing Out On When You’re Not Working Out

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It’s only within the last couple of hundred years and a few industrial and technological revolutions that we have been able to sit back and let our resources come to us. Ever wonder why there are so many health benefit s(aside from just losing weight) for exercising? Our human bodies aren’t meant to be sitting still for hours – We are Built to Move. #KickTheExcuse You have probably gotten the memo, that sitting on your bum is bad and working out is good, but maybe you didn’t know what you were depriving yourself of when you decide to skip a work out…

5 Things You’re Missing Out on when You’re Not Working Out

1. Long,Restful Nights

Recent studies have shown that individuals who work out 30 minutes, three to four times a week have an easier time falling and staying asleep at night. Try to work out in the morning or afternoon, if you work out too close to your bed time your body will be too excited and energized to fall asleep. Why is getting a good night’s sleep so important? Click here to find out!

2. Strengthen Your Immune System

Getting sick is not fun, even the common cold is such an annoying nuisance.  The best way to strengthen your immune system is by living a healthy lifestyle filled with regular exercise, great sleep and a diet filled with fruits and veggies.

3. Fine Tune Your Mind

Working out releases brain growing chemicals, and according to U.S. News this helps increase our ability to focus and learn. To really boost your brains activity, challenge it by choosing workouts that require coordination like dancing or tennis.

4. Forever Young

We may not know the  location of the fountain of youth, but we do have a little secret to share…Research shows that people who work out regularly stay active longer as they age and are able to fight off age-related diseases, such as osteoporosis and heart disease. Bonus: Drinking lots of water and keeping up with your regular work outs keeps your muscles working properly and in turn produces bright, youthful and beautiful looking skin.

5. A Happier You

Working out is proven to release chemicals that make us happier and feel better about ourselves. Studies have even proven that people who stick to their regular work out routines and burn at least 350 calories a week are less likely to suffer from depression and stress.  Working out also improves your self-esteem and confidence, not sure where to start? Check out How to Lose Weight and Negative Thoughts about Fitness for some great tips.

The best motivation to #KickTheExcuse is to remember, you only live once and by sticking to a regular fitness routine and living a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be able to live the best life for you!

 What tips do you have to stay motivated and live a healthy lifestyle? Share with us below!