21 Fitness Bloggers That You Should Be Following

  1. 20 Fitness Bloggers That You Should Be Following

So it seems that everyone and their step-aunt has a blog these days. And the prevalence of fitness blogs is on the rise. The key is to find the fitness blogs with the most valid information (was it written by a 16-year old who is taking phys ed this semester?); a positive message (is it a motivational “fitspo” blog or a horrible “thinspo” blog?)  and relevancy to YOU (is it a CrossFit blog and you’re a Zumba-addict?)

Here’s a list of fitness bloggers that you should be following. Do it, right now.

1. Skinny Fat Sky

A self-proclaimed “skinny fat” Aussie with a quirky wit who picked up some dumbbells over a year ago and never looked back!

2. Gettin’ Wicked Tight

This Boston-born UFE Figure Pro blogs about her journey into discovering whole-body health and happiness.

3. Sisters in Shape

A blog featuring delicious, clean-eating recipes while blasting myths about strength training for women.

4. Beauty and the Bod

A yoga-practicing, high intensity interval training (HIIT)-loving Canadian

5. Lean Bodies Consulting

Lots of delicious healthy recipes and thought-provoking, educational articles on nutrition and strength training

6. Busy Mom Gets Fit

An army wife and mom to four boys – she has tons of tips and tricks for the toddler-toting lady who wants to get fit.

7. It’s Better Blonde

A Canadian bikini competitor documenting her ambitions in the fitness industry (peppered with dating and restaurant anecdotes/disasters.)

8. Scott Herman Fitness

This ex-Real World Brooklyn star has a passion for fitness and it shows!

9. Oh She Glows

Vegan recipes and recipes for those sensitive to dairy, gluten and processed junk! ‘Nuff said.

10. Fluff to Buff

A twenty-something real girl who was overweight and wanted a change, so she shares her struggles and her triumphs on her fitness journey.

11. The Fit Bald Man

The man can cook. Delicious AND healthy, too!

12. A Healthy Fit

Written by a team of a registered holistic nutritionist and a Muscle Activation Techniques certified specialist covering all the bases for what you need to know about fitness.

13. Project Swole

For the boys! This blog is chock full of all the fitness advice you’ll ever need…with sources to back it up too!

14. Black Girls Run!

A blog created by Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks in an effort to battle the obesity epidemic in the African-American community.

15. Girls Gone Strong

A fitness blog geared towards women, answering all of the questions you were afraid to ask!

16. Your First Figure Competition

This blog is not for the weak. It is jam-packed with killer workouts!

17. Cut and Jacked

This blog features interviews, recipes, and workout tips for anyone looking to get fit.

18. Breaking Muscle

A fantastic blog for those who love CrossFit and everything about it!

19. Happy Is The New Healthy

A blog from a Canadian fittie living with recovering from an eating disorder and finding happiness and balance in a healthy lifestyle.

20. Mentality WOD

A blog touching upon one of the most important (and most underrated!) aspects of fitness – the mental/psychological/emotional benefits of fitness.

21. Positive Health Wellness

This site is for those of us who look for the information they need to live a more positive, healthier and happier life.


Do you have any blogs you find fitness inspiration from?