10 Fitness Hacks to Make Your Workout Easier

  1. 10 Fitness Hacks to Make Your Workout Easier

There’s obviously no shortcut to a fit bod, but there are ways to make fitness easier on you. (You’re so busy and important, you beautiful human, you!) If there’s a life hack for washing your floors, there’s gotta be life hacks for fitness, right? Right.

Here are 10 fitness hacks to make your workout easier:

1. Keep your gym bag in your car or bring it with you to work or school, so you don’t go home get trapped by the quicksand that is your couch and Netflix. We’ve all been there. Go home for a quick stop and end up waking from a zombie slumber at 11:30PM.

2. It’s 2014 and we have no teleportation but we do have apps! There are so many fun fitness apps to use, including My Virtual Mission (the coolest of them all, of course!)

3. Waking up before the rooster to exercise? Sleep in your (clean) gym clothes. It will save you at least 10 minutes in your morning zombie shuffle!

4. One (hyphenated word): Pre-workout. If you’re a java lover or simply need an energy boost before a workout, try a preworkout supplement, like Cellucor’s C4.

5. Buy crazy-patterned exercise apparel that you can only wear to the gym. Where else are you going to wear neon leopard print spandex?! Have a little fun!

6. Create a mind-blowing, addictive playlist with all of your favourite songs for your workout that will inspire you and motivate you to keep going – because the music is good that you just can’t stop working out! …Or check out the workout playlists on Songza – Sweaty, Sexy Dance Workout sounds pretty good!

7. Incorporate fitness into everyday boring activities. Waiting for your coffee to brew? Do some one-legged squats. Lunge from your car to your apartment elevator. Stretch while watching television.

8. If you like to work out in a gym, find a gym that is close enough for you to bike or walk to if necessary. You will have no excuse in bad weather to skip the gym!

9. Drink a ton of water. (Not a literal metric ton…8 to 10 glasses will do.) Fatigue often comes from dehydration so drinking a ton of water will give you more energy so you have no excuse to skip your workout. It’s science, baby.

10. Dangle a carrot in front of your face while working out. Okay, maybe not a carrot…carrot cake? Cheesecake? A steak? Create a goal, smash it, and reward yourself afterwards with something delicious (or a new purse, flashy new kicks.) Click here for more ideas for rewards!

If you want to workout, you’ll find a reason to. But if you need a little extra push, fitness hacks definitely make it a little easier to #KickTheExcuse. Do you have any fitness hacks you use for your workouts?